Writing can be so much more than a solitary act of sitting in front of a computer! I blend beautiful settings and core writing themes in such a way you’ll discover new inspiration and creative pathways beyond imagined limitations. From writing Poetry in the Park, Hike ’N Write, to Memoir on the Mountain, each 3-hour curated experience guarantees profound creativity and productive breakthroughs! To enhance your writing experience, gorgeous picnic baskets filled with wine or beer, cheeses, chocolates, and fruit can be added. (*Scheduling subject to availability – contact Janna for specific date requests)

“I cannot emphasize enough what a magical experience this was. I’ve dabbled in writing since I can remember and have always felt so confused and unsure. Other workshops or writing groups I’ve been involved in just didn’t quite get to the source of the issue. In mere moments working with Janna, I felt a freedom I have never felt before. I feel endless possibilities unfold before, behind, and all around me. If you have any inkling that working with Janna might be for you. Take the leap. You’ll land in a space vast and nurturing and home. P.S. I’m registering for her retreat in March as soon as I’m finished writing this review. Working with her is beyond worth every penny!”

“If you are looking for a way to breakout of that cocoon that’s kept from your writing goals this is the place. Through experience and intuition, Janna will help u start the process to becoming the beautiful butterfly of writing that you know you are meant to be in this life.”