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Every writer gets stuck. Blocks are frustrating, depressing, and lead to self-blame.

  • Why do I procrastinate?
  • What stops flow?
  • What do I really have to say?
  • What can’t I get writing?
  • Stuck No More!

Using intuition, I offer individually-sent messages meant just for you. Untangle writing struggles. Sessions by Zoom may include a blend of divinely-received interactive writing Invitations, intuitive messages, and discussion. I guarantee at least one-substantial writing block breakthrough or your money back!

What qualifies me?

  • Years of experience as an intuitive writing guide.
  • Helped thousands of people break free.
  • I’m a published author who understands writing doubts, fears, and procrastination.
  • Clients report profound lasting writing freedom.

Janna is an amazing writing coach but its her intuitive gift that sets her apart. She has an amazing ability to know exactly what is needed at just the right time to help you reach deep.

In our one on one sessions she would tune in to what I needed when I didn’t know how. She just allows the energy she gets from you to give her what you need in the moment.

Janna’s intuitive abilities set her apart from any other coaching style by her unique gift of being able to identify issues that are blocking a writer’s progress. Her input is always spot on accurate and is vital to the writer in order to move beyond the obstacle and allow creative writing to continue.

Janna‘s ability to get into, and under, the subtext of what I was writing was uncanny. Even in those times when I thought she was chasing after something that wasn’t there, it became evident that she had a clearer understanding of where my words were coming from than I did.

Over the years I have spent significant time seeking out healers, intuitives, and holistic approaches when it comes to purifying the mind, body, and spirit. I have learned that the journey is an inward one, and that ultimately all healing is self-healing. However, with that I have also learned that a support system, guide, or mentor is a key component to becoming aware of patterns, and staying true to the path of ones inspired evolution.

I have spent the past 6 or so months with Janna, working one on one with the intention to create an outline for my book. Our journey together was way more than I expected. I quickly learned that the space we shared was sacred, and that these sessions had the potential to unravel habitual patterns and remove unconscious and perpetual self-created blockages. Jannas intuitive ability was the guiding force in our sessions, and served as the catalyst for the healing I was seeking (whether I knew it or not). She led me into depths that were necessary for me to go in order to experience the true freedom we all want and deserve.

Her work is a true inspiration for me. It is always an honor to be in the presence of someone who is living life exactly as they intended to. Janna is an expert in her field. There is no questioning that. Her dedication to my personal growth has been a blessing beyond words. I truly know myself better than ever before. Thank you Janna.

Janna was able to unlock some mental passages for me because of her unique ability to really listen and then prompt invitations for writing about them.  At times I thought they weren’t really where I needed to go, but as I began putting down my thoughts, I’ve been consistently amazed at how right she was!  Also the intuitive readings help release emotions for me.

Janna’s keen ability to intuit precisely what is blocking her student’s progress and what can help them break through to a new level is truly magnificent. I’ve witnessed her work her magic on very different writers dealing with very different challenges and am still amazed and her ability to determine just what is needed to help them evolve into stronger, more authentic artists in a very short period of time. For me, it was within a few hours. If you’d re someone wanting to reach new depths in your craft, whether a total novice or already an established professional, I cannot recommend working with her enough.

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