If you need focused, creative, and structured writing guidance retreats are ideal. Break through blocks, tap into truth, unearth your most productive writing path.

Private customized writing retreats (1-5 days) are guaranteed to shift your writing life forever!

“I arrived at The Land of Enchantment writing retreat with no expectations—ready to give myself to possibilities. I left exhausted, grateful, and inspired. Janna’s work with me and, maybe more importantly, watching and engaging with her work with the other writers present, was a gift I will lean on and build on and … who knows? It sparked creativity and renewed my belief in myself and my process. Something tells me it won’t be the last time I find myself in Santa Fe for another writing booster.”

“I could not recommend Janna’s weekend writing retreat enough to anyone ready to dive deep and connect to themselves, to other writers, and to their creativity. She carefully curates each group and the bonding among participants inspires breakthroughs, significant up-leveling, and shatters limitations. Janna’s tenacious dedication to serving each participant is infectious and made me feel so seen, cared for, and supported. The book I’d planned to work on when going into the weekend transformed dramatically into something else entirely- something more freeing, exciting, and motivating. I left with more confidence and far less fear and anxiety. If you’re considering signing up for one- Take the leap- you won’t regret it!”