Intuitive Healing Writing Sessions

Guided writing is a profoundly healing method to move through grief, lack of confidence, and depression. I’ve worked with thousands of adults for finding healing and deeper connection. During writing sessions I utilize intuition and guided writing Invitations. Clients have lasting breakthroughs.

To schedule a free 15-minute exploratory session, contact Janna at or call (503) 550-6548.

“Janna has been such an inspiration for me. I had a personal tragedy about 9 months ago and a friend invited me to Janna’s work about two months ago. I was nervous and unsure what to expect, but my new life mantra has been to say ‘yes’ to opportunities. Janna encourages each one of us to speak our voice and embrace where the writing takes us, there is no right or wrong. I find the variety of prompts is helpful in exploring different feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Janna has created a setting where deeply personal experiences and thoughts have a place.”

“Thank you Janna for the invitation to show up for myself as you provide the most creative and compassionate environment to help me expand my mind and heart to my imagination and voice. I’m so honored you accepted me as a private student. With gratitude for the opening of a door I was scared for years to open because of my own inner critical critic. Now I feel free to explore all my thoughts and transcribe them on to “paper” as a record of my journey and my growth. Thank you”