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On another side of your writing fear is personal freedom.
Experience a proven framework to ignite breakthroughs.
Stifling beliefs will be eliminated—say goodbye to lack of confidence, procrastination, imposter syndrome.
Clients have profound writing results.

It’s asked if people come to Land of Enchantment Writing because it’s time to write that book or heal. Both are true. Perhaps you realize now’s your moment to break free from thought constraints that keep you stuck from writing. Maybe you need clear, structured, and organized direction. Through my unconventional approaches, creative obstacles become a thing of the past, and your most focused and expansive writing occurs. At last, your words on paper! Chapters written! That elusive book in process!

Having both productivity and creativity is key! Guidance helps untangle emotional knots one word, one prompt, one story at a time. For those who want to mend grief or spiritually explore, guided writing is profound. Whether you experience a few hours or few days, you’ll get clearer, inspired, and productive! Add in the Land of Enchantment’s beauty, culture, and magic, and voila! Perfect writing alchemy!

your guide: janna lopez

I feel alive when you feel alive. Through my unique blend of skill, experience, and intuition, I ensure people make deep discoveries through guided writing. I shifted 25 years of editorial, magazine publishing, and writing experience, into teaching, leading, and intensive one-one-one work with individuals. Through a specific prompt-based writing approach I’ve cultivated, I’ve witnessed people’s unimaginable breakthroughs.

I’m a published author of the acclaimed book, “Me, My Selfie & Eye – a midlife conversation about lost identity, grief, and seeing who you are.” I’m proud of what it shares, how it’s helped people feel less alone. Having a published book was a major accomplishment, especially because I never thought I’d write one. Which is why I understand people’s struggles with writing. I. Totally. Get. IT! I’m beside you every milestone breakthrough of the way.

I’m finishing four books: “WinSome & Fuckdamonium,” a collection of my poems; “The Art & Invitation of Self-Conversation – Writing That Moves You Beyond Fear To Freedom,” based on my work and results with hundreds of clients; “The Villain’s Journey,” a small book illuminating the beautiful uglies of Self-honesty; and a yet-to-be-titled anthology of poems, collected from every state’s Poet Laureate, reflecting on the human experience of 2020.

I graduated magna cum laude with a MFA in creative writing from Pacific Northwest College of Art, and from a program seeped in voice as a means and responsibility for social justice. I believe it is our unique voices that will inform, guide, and heal us.

I teach creative writing to hundreds of teen and adult students at pubic institutions and workshops. I work with numerous clients to ensure they successfully realize book-project dreams. I hold weekend retreats on topics related to crushing procrastination, clarifying themes, exploring poetry, and charting productive paths to complete writing projects. I host a podcast talkshow, “Eyedentity Talk with Janna Lopez” and interview legends and luminaries from all walks of life. I’m a former magazine publisher and editor.

In June of 2021, I was recognized by the Hillsboro Chamber School to Career program as Volunteer of the Year for weekly workshops I created for teen students to connect them to words and each other during the pandemic. Award nominees are nominated by peers, parents, and students based on the volunteer’s efforts to promote and model life-long learning as key to students’ future success. This was a HUGE honor!

I promise: If we work together through a retreat, customized writing adventure, class, or one-on-one transformational coaching, on the other side of fear is FREEDOM! If you’ve always wanted to write that book, need more confidence, have wisdom to share, or want to cultivate your own potential, your stories are waiting for you to unearth them!


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